Onno Sphere Candles | Ruby Red Glass

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ONNO candles are luxury handmade fragrance candles, made to the highest standards. These innovative candles tell a story of exotic lands and faraway places. Praised by leading interior designers and world-leading brands. The candles are beautifully packaged in hand-cut glasses and bring a luxurious, gorgeous scent to your home.

Handmade in Belgium with exclusive perfumes, special pure wax, and 100% cotton wicks. It is delivered in a luxury black gift box. Please note that due to the hand pouring process of the wax, small imperfections may appear on the surface, these impurities will disappear once the candle is burnt.


Sphere Small

Candle: 13 cm x 15 cm
Box: 39.6 cm x 38.3 cm x 20.7 cm
Estimated Burn Time: 70 Hrs

Sphere Large
Candle: 19 cm x 20 cm
Box: 64.5 cm x 21.2 cm x 22.8 cm
Estimated Burn Time: 300 Hrs

Sphere Extra-Large
Currently Not Available


Create a fresh and welcoming atmosphere in your home with the sweet touch of Manyara from the ONNO collection. Manyara comes in an ONNO designed, hand-cut glass and this refreshing candle sends a warm wave of scent into your life. Manyara is fruity and floral with delicate undertones of woody musk. Bring Manyara into your living room for the natural scent of flowers, the citrusy hint of fruit, and a base of woody musk to provide balance and depth. Manyara is a sophisticated candle made for everyday use or special occasions.