Onno Terre Dark Smoke Candles

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Amazing mouth-blown ONNO Terre Candles in gorgeous hand-shaped glass. A piece of art in each interior. ONNO exclusive luxury candles are carefully packed into stunning black gift boxes to indulge yourself in or as a gift

All perfumes are created by designer Ilse Vandeputte, who has an inborn passion for scents. With over 25 years of experience in developing perfumes, she is a true 'nose' who uses only the finest high-quality raw materials for which ONNO Collection is praised worldwide.

Each candle drawing is born from an exceptional beautiful nature creation. Often basic, yet so precious. ONNO Collection candles are high-quality luxury candles made by hand in Belgium by qualified craftsmen. They use special pure mineral wax and fine Egyptian cotton wicks.

Terre collection offers will brighten up any interior. This collection stands out for its more geometric hand cut shape, imperfect and rough matte feeling as an ode to mother Earth.


Sphere Small

Candle: 13 cm x 15 cm
Estimated Burn Time: 100 Hrs

Sphere Large
Candle: 19 cm x 20 cm
Estimated Burn Time: 150 Hrs

Sphere Extra-Large
Candle: 21 cm x 28 cm
Estimated Burn Time: 300 Hrs


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